Multidisciplinary artist


Experimental performance for the Show of the Gallery Weekend Berlin.

Collaborative project with Fanis Sakellariou & Violeta Valcheva.

Through sound design, dance, movement, text and visual metaphors, three different artists collaborate to share their views on failure and the amount of effort needed to cope in the harsh contemporary world of art. Everything is improvised. everything is balancing on the ground and ridiculously failing in front of an audience.

Meanwhile, the opera singer Maria Callas has been swallowed by a highly intelligent machine. Now she sings inside it forevermore. That’s a relief at least.

Mess! is an exploration of failure. It probably is a failed exploration of failure.

“But what difference does it make? Whether you are right or wrong, the fact is still the same. What we have in front of us is a new species of life. Look at it. Somehow it has managed to merge its synthetic self with its carbon based counterpart, Maria. And now I stand here and actually when I decided to make a performance for this event, I actually wanted it to be good and cool and edgy and fucking layered, with profound music and deep text and the kind of dance that would make everyone cry. So yeah, that didn’t happen. I fear for us all.How versatile does it want to become? How wide does it want its range to be? If it swallowed Maria…I fear for us all.”