Design for live performance and digital environments


Aziza Kadyri is an Uzbek interdisciplinary artist with a focus on theatre, performance, experimental costume and augmented reality. Her practice revolves around collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches in live audience experiences, where stories are told through text and visual transformations often supported by video, AR, VR, and other digital technology. Aziza's personal projects explore the themes of migration, decolonisation, loss of identity and language.

Since 2016, Aziza has been designing for theatre, performance and film in Russia, China, the UK and Germany, as well as facilitating art workshops for socially engaged projects.

She graduated with a first class honours degree in Fashion Design from Tsinghua University in Beijing and earned her Masters of Art (Distinction) in Performance Practice and Design from Central Saint Martins.

After completing the Internship program at the 2019 Prague Quadrennial, Aziza became an editor for Ascending Design, an online publication for emerging theatre & performance designers. She is the Creative Lead at Blippar.