Multidisciplinary artist

Ciné Moon Mobile


This project is a collaboration with the wonderful artist Kim Bode/NAILS*hacks facts fictions. We created a transforming art installation for 'D’EST #Cycle 2: Postsocialism as Method. Anti-Geographies of Collective Desires,' which included screenings curated by krёlex zentre and Nhà Sàn Collective.

Intrigued by the history of the ‘anti-colonial’ Ciné-Trucks, which traveled to various non-aligned countries since the 1950s with the support of the Soviet Union to screen resistance films (which is a whole other conversation about propaganda), Kim Bode and I developed the Ciné Moon Mobile, our very own flexible architectural aluminum structure that houses textiles and geometric elements that reflect the traditional historical iconography of Suzani embroideries from the Jizzakh region of Uzbekistan. In my adaptation of these dowry textiles, the moons become haptic fixed points that unite the different experiences of women* in my family since the 1920s. The roaming Ciné Moon Mobile is a video art and experimental film sculpture, a vehicle, a habitat as well as a hospitable, multifunctional organism.

D’EST serves as a nomadic platform and online archive for video art, experimental and documentary films. It aims to map artistic forms of historiography that intersect with postsocialist, queer-feminist, and decolonial narratives and imaginaries. The platform operates under the guidance of the art space and community center District*School Without Center in collaboration with international curators, artists, cultural workers, researchers, and activists.